Student Tours is now hiring in all Canadian cities for all of our Mega Club Crawls in 2018-19!

Marketing Representatives – Sell tickets to your friends and network via Facebook, twitter and other social media. Student Tours has a specific proven process to maximize sales and commission for active Marketing Representatives. This position is commission based and offers complete freedom/flexibility around your current schedule. This is a great way to get involved in the company for Halloween in which there is plenty of room for growth and development. Also, active motivated marketing representatives get more hourly shift work with the company.

Nightclub Promotions Girls & Guys – Promote hourly in local nightclubs, wearing Student Tours branded gear and handing out promotion material, party favors and putting up posters. You must be charismatic, friendly, personable, social and comfortable talking to patrons about our Club Crawl Events & company. This position also requires you are comfortable on a microphone and/or megaphone doing event shout outs in public! This role is a lot of fun and a good opportunity to get involved in Stampede and the local nightclub scene along with gaining valuable leadership, promotion and marketing experience!

Bus Captain/Party Host – Be a leader all eyes on you! Work on event night leading a bus of 48 people. Take care of 48 people leading your bus on a set schedule for our World Famous Halloween Howler Club Crawl. Individuals need to be social and outgoing and engage with the customers on your bus. You coordinate games and activities and make your bus enjoyable for the night. This volunteer position you get a free club crawl pass and some complimentary beverages at the end of the shift! Great way to meet new people!

University and College Campus Promoter – $16.50-$25.00/hour & Bonus – Promote hourly or commission based at your local campus. This position requires early morning shifts and you must be physically fit to distribute posters and flyers on designated campus poster boards, lecture halls and classrooms. You must have ability to move quickly and efficiently to cover all main high traffic areas of the campus. This position pays very well as the work is quite challenging physically and mentally. A strong work ethic and high level of motivation and pushing the envelope is required. You must have a strong ability to communicate with head office on a daily basis.

Group Leader – Work, lead and oversee large groups of customers on our Famous Halloween Howler Club Crawl. This position includes overseeing a group of partiers throughout the night from start to finish including supervision of volunteer bus captains, liaison with night club managers and Student Tours head office staff. This is a great opportunity to learn the intricacies of event implementation and supervision! You must have attention to detail, strong communication skills, be responsible and able to problem solve on the spot. You must have strong ability to motivate staff and customers and follow the laid out schedule, instructions and rules for a successful event. Excellent for those looking to get involved in event management and planning!

City Leader/Area Manager – Work on a daily basis with the head office team on all facets of the business including, marketing, sales, strategy planning, event planning, administration and supervision of local reps. Learn valuable business and leadership skills managing many aspects of the event. For this position we are seeking individuals who are seeking a long term career in marketing and event planning. This position involves working with head office executives on a detailed hands on basis and growing your skills, your compensation and market over the long term.

Overall We are looking for people who are:

  • Personable & have large social networks
  • Positive and Enthusiastic
  • Connected with Student Associations on campus
  • Familiar with the local Nightclub Scene
  • Able to sell tickets to friends / co workers / groups
  • Able to work in a team environment and fun atmosphere.
  • Have the ability to receptive, learn, listen and think outside the box.
  • Honest and Ethical.
  • Effective Communicators
  • Strong work ethic and highly motivated.
  • Willing and Able to take on a new challenge.
  • Sales and Goal orientated.

Join our Successful Team if you’re Interested in one or all of the positions or have any or all of the above attributes!

Please provide the following information:

  • Name:
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  • Phone Number with area code:
  • Position(s) you are most interested in:
  • Describe why you would be perfect for the role:

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